The Best Quality Fence Repair Wilmington, NC Has To Offer

Look no further for the best fence repair Wilmington, NC has to offer! Our fence repair technicians will give your fence the attention it deserves. Our team performs superior fence repairs than any other fence companies around. Contact our repair professionals today and receive a quick and easy estimate.

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Quick, Simple, And Easy Fence Repairs In The Port City Area

You deserve the best fence repair Wilmington, NC has to offer. Is your residential or commercial fence damaged? If so your property isn’t protected properly. We know as homeowners how frustrating that can be. We know you work hard to protect your property from damage but sometimes unforeseen accidents can happen to the best of us. Especially in Wilmington’s windy hurricane season.

If your fence is damaged or showing signs of wear and tear, call fence company of Wilmington and we’ll get your fence looking and working at its best. Our team can get your backyard looking like a paradise again. As a trusted fence repair company in Port City area, our team has the tools and skills to fix and restore it to an aesthetic condition.

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Caution! Trying to tackle a repair project on your own can be costly, very time consuming, and in some cases dangerous! Why take a risk when our fence company in Wilmington can help. When you hire us you will benefit from our:

  • Professional, Prompt, & Courteous Service
  • Convenient & Quick Scheduling
  • Unbeatable Repair Rates & Turn Around Times
  • Quality Repair Craftsmanship

For more information about our repair services or to schedule a free consultation call our Carolina fence company today.

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Call our fence repair specialists today to receive a free estimate

Unsure whether you should replace or repair your fence damage? We are here to help guide you in the right direction. Contact our fence repair team today to receive support with making that decision. 

Fence Damage We Fix

Beware! Don’t be fooled by the big fence companies in Wilmington that tell you your fence has to be replaced! Do you have:

  • Rotted or Leaning Posts
  • Broken Pickets or Panels
  • Malfunctioning Gates
  • Corrosion or Rust
  • Leaning Wood 
  • Holes or Gaps
  • Stains or Fading Color

Good news is our repair specialists can fix almost any type of damage including broken gates. We truly believe that the damaged area of an existing fence can be replaced and or reinforced. Our Carolina fence company can save you hundreds even thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements. Out of all the Fence companies in Wilmington, our experts will give it to you straight no funny business here. We treat our customers the way we would want to be treated. Contact our team today to get your fence standing tall and strong.

Does your service fall under the 6 most common requested repairs?

1. Corrosion

Most material corrodes after long periods of exposure to moisture, sunlight, and snow. Metal fences are susceptible to rust while wood fences corrode from mold or rot.

2. Holes or Gaps

This is not uncommon for a wood fence for holes or gaps to appear over time. This type of damage occurs from stormy weather or significant impact either from a car or animal.

3. Sagging Gate

Over time your gate or fence can begin to sag. This happens when the ground gets washed out with environmental conditions such as rain or snow. This type of deformation in your gate or fence makes your property less secure. For instance, if it’s sagging too much it can create a hole large enough for an animal to crawl through.

4. Stains

If you are picky like us an ugly stain could keep you frustrated. Even worse some stains can sink into wood material making them permanent. It’s best to deal with this type of damage as soon as possible to recover the aesthetics of your entire structure.

Old Weathered And Rotted Fence That Is Leaning Every Which Way In Need Of Repair
Leaning Red Fence With Trees Growing On Top That Needs To be repaired
5. Tilted Posts

This can happen over time due to changes beneath the ground. If left unaddressed a titled post could cause warping of the entire fence.

6. Warped Sections

Due to the ground ever changing with uncontrollable environmental conditions over time your fence can sag, bend, twist, and even fall over in worse case scenarios. This is no one’s fault but should be addressed as soon as possible to prevent an entirely new installation.

Other Services Include:
  • Post Replacement or Straightening
  • Gate Repair or Replacement
  • Board or Backrail Replacement
  • Post Cap Replacement
  • Complete Tear Out and Haul Away

So with all this being said, we encourage you to repair your fence as soon as you see an issue. This prevents having to get a costly new replacement. In most cases, you can double or triple the life of your fence by hiring a professional to do your repairs. Be sure to call us today for a cost-effective solution in the Port City area.

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Fence Repairs What To Consider

To repair or to replace that is the question. In most cases, fence repairs are necessary if a part wears out or simply breaks. However, when hurricane season hits the Port City area these extreme conditions may create havoc to the integrity of your fence. We’ve ever seen accidents like motorcycles crashing or kids running into it that can cause great damage to your structure. In these cases, a full replacement may be necessary.

No matter if your fence is broken or has seen better times let’s consider all of your options below.


Wood Repair

Let’s talk repair. In the event that your wood has rot, you can replace single slats, pickets, posts, or board with the same type of wood. The only issue is the color may not match the original color because it’s been weathered. A professional may be able to stain the wood and get it to match as closely as possible. If you attempt to do this on your own you could end up costing yourself more money than hiring a professional who already has the materials to test with.

Let’s talk replace. Take a look at your fence. Is 20% or more boards rotten? If so then it’s probably more cost effective to replace the entire fence. It’s always a good idea to go over the costs and benefits with a fence contractor before making any costly decisions. So contact our fence company in Wilmington to get a hassle free consultation.

Chain Link Repair

This material is very durable and lasts a long time before they start to rust. The timeframe truly depends on your environmental conditions. However, it’s inevitable that it will eventually rust. Let’s talk about percentages. If 15 percent of your fence has rust it’s most likely worth removing and replacing only the rusted sections. But be sure to contact our Carolina fence company today to get a tailored estimate.

Wrought Iron Repair

If your wrought iron fence has rust on it more times than not it’s worth having a professional clean and repair it. Wrought iron fences are extremely expensive to replace entirely. But if you put off the rust for too long that may need to happen. With this type of material we always recommend surveying your fence at least once a month and repairing any rust, you see regularly. Call our reputable repairs team to look at your rust and give a more detailed explanation.

Vinyl Repair

Vinyl material is called king in the fencing world simply because it’s most durable and requires the least maintenance of them all. It’s very rare that a vinyl fence needs replaced entirely. But if any portion of your fence gets damaged most often the small section can be replaced without harming the integrity of the entire fence. Contact our Carolina fence experts to have a free repair consultation.

As you can see fence and gate repairs are the most cost-effective service over replacing an entire fence. Most issues can be repaired/replaced to save the integrity of your fence. Our proven repair methods have saved our clients thousands of dollars in the long term. Call our project planners today to see how we can save your wallet.

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